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Double Take.

:x: [Name] Chelsea
:x: [Age] 17
:x: [Birtday] October 24th
:x: [Zodiac Sign] Scorpio
:x: [Loction] North Carolina
:x: [Sex] All GrrL
:x: [Maritial Status] Single. but "talking" with someone.
:x: [Color(s)] Neon Pink. Black. Blood Red.
:x: [5 Bands] Taking Back Sunday. Green Day. Brand New. MEST. The Distillers.
:x: [5 TV Shows] Family Guy. Spongebob Squarepants. Invader Zim. Viva La Bam. The Assistant.
:x: [5 Movies] The Rocky Horror Picture Show. SLC Punk. Thirteen. Home Room. From Hell.
:x: [Store] Target. Hot Topic. Spencers.
:x: [Brand] Anything i feel comfortable in
:x: [Mall/Store] Store
:x: [Rap/Rock] Rock
:x: [Friends/Family] Family.
:x: [Penis/Vagina] Vagina
:x: [Ducks/Penguins] Ducks.
:x: [Gay/Straight/Bi] Bi
:x: [Digital Camra/Webcam] Digital Camera
:x: [Gay Marriage] im all for marriage is about love...not one's sexuality.
:x: [George W. Bush] hahaha idiot. go back to texas.
:x: [Bisexuality] yummy. i am. and hell ya.
:x: [Abortion] MURDER
:x: [Government] fucked up. we are supposed to be a democracy but they control it all.
:x: [Porn] yummy. i watch it every now and then
:x: [Hookers] pointless.
:x: [Pimps] even more pointless
:x: [Peircings] sexy
:x: [Tattoos] fucking hott
:x: [Plastic Surgery] scary.
Do you...
:x: [Have peircings?] yup. 3 in left ear. and belly button
:x: [Have any Tattoos?] nope.
:x: [Want a tattoo? Why/Why not?] yea. because i want my pain sumbolized on my body
:x: [Like fire?] yea
:x: [Like cartoons?] fuck yea
:x: [Like trift stores?] yessum
:x: [Like Avril Lavigne?] fuck no
:x: [Like pop stars why/why not?] they can sing. but not my personal faves.
:x: [Do you support local bands?]yup

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