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:x: [Name] Amy, but most people call me Tater
:x: [Age] 18
:x: [Birtday] 01/03/86
:x: [Zodiac Sign] Capricorn (magical sea goat...ooooh ahh...)
:x: [Loction] Tampa, FL
:x: [Sex] female
:x: [Maritial Status] Dating a wonderful guy for a year and a half ^_^

:x: [Color(s)] Red & black
:x: [5 Bands] Fallout Boy, Story Of The Year, Chevelle, Evanescence, A Perfect Circle
:x: [5 TV Shows] That 70's Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Real World, The Simpsons, Viva La Bam
:x: [5 Movies] Alice In Wonderland, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Finding Nemo, Dogma ("you can't be anal retentive without an anus!"), Kill Bill
:x: [Store] PacSun, Hot Topic, Rave, Wet Seal
:x: [Brand] Split
:x: [Mall/Store] Mall, a bunch of stores cramed into one buliding!
:x: [Rap/Rock] Rock, but rap is good too
:x: [Friends/Family] Friends
:x: [Penis/Vagina] Penis
:x: [Ducks/Penguins] Duckies!
:x: [Gay/Straight/Bi] Straight
:x: [Digital Camra/Webcam] Digi cam

:x: [Gay Marriage] Love is love! Someone can't help who they fall in love with, and I think it's stupid to make it illegal for gays to get married. Two women who were married in another state are trying to move down here into FL and the government is trying to take away their marriage license. That pisses me off so much.
:x: [George W. Bush] He's a moron. I'm not really into having any kind of president anyway. Nothing ever changes no matter who's in office.
:x: [Bisexuality] Some of my closest friends are bi, I have no problem with it! I don't love 'em any less. ^
_^ I guess you could say I am sort of bi-curious myself.
:x: [Abortion] I think it should be the womans choice, under some circumstances. Like if a young girl was raped and couldn't support the baby. Or, if having the child would cause major health problems or even death to the mother, then she should be able to have an abortion. But if the mother just plain doesn't want the child, there are better options than having an abortion; like adoption.
:x: [Government] From what i've seen most people in the government are morons. But I don't pay much attention to that type of stuff.
:x: [Porn] Whatever tickles your pickle I suppose. I've seen it before, and it all seems so fake.
:x: [Hookers] You'll never catch me ummm "hooking", lol. What ever you have to do to live, it's their business.
:x: [Pimps] Ladies be pimps too... *see hookers*
:x: [Peircings] Sexy, especially on guys. Just as long as they don't have too many of them.
:x: [Tattoos] *see piercings*
:x: [Plastic Surgery] If you want it and you can afford it, then go for it. Just don't come out looking like some fake barbie!

Do you...
:x: [Have peircings?] Yep. 5 in both ears, tongue and bellybutton. I used to have my eyebrow pierced but it started rejecting so I took it out.
:x: [Have any Tattoos?] Yep. A tribal design with a heart between my shoulder blades and two nautical stars on my hips.
:x: [Want a tattoo? Why/Why not?] *see above*
:x: [Like fire?] Yeah, it's good for roasting marshmellows. Or toasting your ex's car.
:x: [Like cartoons?] Yep, i'm a lil kid at heart
:x: [Like trift stores?] I've never actually been to one. The closest one to me is about an hour away.
:x: [Like Avril Lavigne?] She's okay. Her second CD is better than her first.
:x: [Like pop stars why/why not?] I used to love Nsync, but they broke up. It seems like all the pop groups are fading away. Oh well. Most of their music sounds so cheesy anyway.
:x: [Do you support local bands?] If I knew of any good ones around here I would. But in general? Yeah.

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