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Am I your eye candy?

:x: [Name] Piper
:x: [Age] 16
:x: [Birtday] October 31, 1987
:x: [Zodiac Sign] Scorpio
:x: [Loction] Lyndhurst, NJ
:x: [Sex] girl
:x: [Status] taken by a boy named Brian
:x: [Sexuality] bisexual

:x: [Color(s)] pink, black, and white
:x: [5 Bands]
Mindless Self Indulgence
Alkaline Trio
VNV Nation
:x: [5 TV Shows]
Family Guy
Fairly Odd Parents
Rocko’s Modern Life
:x: [5 Movies]
Digging to China
Fried Green Tomatoes
Rockey Horror Picture Show
The Nightmare before Christmas
James and the Giant Peach
:x: [Store] Spencer’s
:x: [Brand] don’t have one… I wear whatever fits and is comfortable

:x: [Mall/Store] store
:x: [Rap/Rock] rock
:x: [Friends/Family] friends
:x: [Penis/Vagina] the penis
:x: [Ducks/Penguins] duckies!
:x: [Gay/Straight/Bi] bi
:x: [Digital Camra/Webcam] digi cam

:x: [Gay Marriage] Legalize it. Love has absolutely no boundaries. End of.
:x: [George W. Bush] Dumb.
:x: [Bisexuality] Best of both world… it’s wicked.
:x: [Abortion] Wrong. Adoption is a great option. I also stand by my opinion with rape victims… only 1 percent of US women have children through rape and incest. If you ever heard of a woman named Pam Stenzel, her father was a rapist and her mother had enough courage to give the baby up for adoption. Even with all that tragedy in her life this woman has the courage to travel is US and talk about teenage issues such as sex and what not, and she’s extremely humorous about it; for that I l respect and look up to her.
:x: [Pre Marital Sex] There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you’re smart and trust the one you are with, and if something happens… take responsibility for your own actions!
:x: [Government] fix it all ready!
:x: [Porn] Excellent way to pass the time.
:x: [Hookers] Women of ill repute are horrid and I hate them greatly.
:x: [Pimps] They do nothing and are useless, but I must say I like the feathered hats.
:x: [Peircings] sexy.
:x: [Tattoos] yummy.
:x: [Plastic Surgery] I see nothing wrong with it. If it makes you happy about yourself and you have the money for it… why not?

Do you...
:x: [Have peircings?] ears, tongue, bellybutton
:x: [Have any Tattoos?] no
:x: [Want a tattoo? Why/Why not?] yes I want ‘Maxx’ tattooed somewhere on my body with a Celtic cross under … he was my best friend who passed away, Celtic symbols remind me of him.
:x: [Like fire?] Indeed. I am a pyromaniac… and I love burning barbies.
:x: [Like cartoons?] Yes. I watch them too much and can quote practically anything from Family Guy.
:x: [Like trift stores?] I don’t have any near me, maybe if I did I would like them.
:x: [Like Avril Lavigne?] OMFG LyKe ShEs SOOO f-ING hardcore \m/ [sarcasm people I don’t like that chick at all but I think her little rara fans tend to be worse than her… not all, but a decent amount]
:x: [Like pop stars why/why not?] I don’t mind pop stars… it’s when they become DIVA’s and think their shit don’t stink… that’s when I hate them [men included].
:x: [Do you support local bands?] Yes, I have to, I’m in two; I make sure tickets get sold. Go team!

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