Hi Im Erin. And I Like Gushers (sexiiible) wrote in eyecatching,
Hi Im Erin. And I Like Gushers


:x: [Name] Erin
:x: [Age] 18
:x: [Birtday] October 1
:x: [Zodiac Sign] Libra
:x: [Loction] Madison, Alabama
:x: [Sex] Female
:x: [Maritial Status] Dating...sorda

:x: [Color(s)] Yellow and Pink
:x: [5 Bands] Switchfoot, Story of the Year, Ashlee Simpson, Tool, A Perfect Circle
:x: [5 TV Shows] Wanna Come In(Mtv), Emeril Live,AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE,NipTuck,TrueLife(Mtv)
:x: [5 Movies] Thirteen,The Virgin Suicides,Jackass,Mean Girls,Blue Crush
:x: [Store] Hot Wax Surf Shop in Wilmington NC.
:x: [Brand] Roxy or Billabong

:x: [Mall/Store] hmm...mall I think because there is a range of different stores that I like in there.
:x: [Rap/Rock] both..i cant choose because Rap is easier to dance too but most rock songs usually have more meaning behind them and I cant relate to more rock songs
:x: [Friends/Family] they both get on my nerves if im around them too much..
:x: [Penis/Vagina] Penis ;)
:x: [Ducks/Penguins] Ducks
:x: [Gay/Straight/Bi] Bi
:x: [Digital Camra/Webcam] I have a webcam that is also a digital camera..lol but id have to say Digi because if you want to take a picture of something outside your room you cant take your webcam cause its not portable

:x: [Gay Marriage] If you are in love then you are in love.
:x: [George W. Bush] fuck him.
:x: [Bisexuality] <333 IM BI and i hate people who think its disgusting..they are just insecure.
:x: [Abortion] I believe its wrong but say you are a young girl like 16 or 17 and you cant even support yourself..then you cant support a baby and if you family will disown you for having a baby (which is shitty) then I think you gotta do what you gotta do. I hate saying that because its just an innocent child but think about not being able to take care of it...then it will be living an unfit life. *shrugs*
:x: [Government] fuck the government..
:x: [Porn] gotta love it..
:x: [Hookers] ick
:x: [Pimps] lmfao what a joke
:x: [Peircings] HOT HOT HOT
:x: [Tattoos] HOT HOT HOT
:x: [Plastic Surgery] if you can afford it then hey whatever...

Do you...
:x: [Have peircings?] only my ears...im scared of needles..
:x: [Have any Tattoos?] nope..scared of needles
:x: [Want a tattoo? Why/Why not?] Im gonna try to overcome my fear of needles and get one on my back.
:x: [Like fire?] yesss
:x: [Like cartoons?] LOVE THEM...aqua teen hunger force FOR LIFE <3
:x: [Like trift stores?] oh god who doesnt...you find some of the coolest shit in there.
:x: [Like Avril Lavigne?] her new CD is alittle better than her last one but i think its a joke that she calls herself punk..
:x: [Like pop stars why/why not?] umm some of them are ok...some of them like britney spears...*GAG* i want to kill her
:x: [Do you support local bands?] YEEEES nothing is better than an awesome local band

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