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Double Take

:x: [Name] Daniel
:x: [Age] 15
:x: [Birtday] March 19, 1989
:x: [Zodiac Sign] Pisces
:x: [Loction] Medford, NY
:x: [Sex] Male
:x: [Orienation] I added a question jsut so ya know, I'm bi =)
:x: [Maritial Status] Single, unfortunately =\
:x: [Color(s)] Red
:x: [5 Bands] I really don't like bands.. I hate this question. I always feel like people are going to give me a no cause I like "pop" music.. but I like Christina Aguilera and rap like Eminem.. Some R&B like Usher.. more rap like Ludacris..
:x: [5 TV Shows] Real World, Road Rules, Golden Girls! lol Charmed.. mhm. Law and Order LOL! My shows suck I know
:x: [5 Movies] Breakfast Club, Queen of the Damned, Interview with a Vampire (just cause I love vampires so much).. I hate these top 5 questions.. =\ Titanic was a good movie hahaha Now I'm just throwing stuff in.
:x: [Store] I love Ecko... designer clothes and whatnot. Or whatever I like really. I don't care if you like it or not even though I'm sure I'll get some sort of opinion on it, good or bad ya know?
:x: [Brand] ^
:x: [Mall/Store] Store
:x: [Rap/Rock] Rap
:x: [Friends/Family] Friends
:x: [Penis/Vagina] PENIS! I'm bi lmao
:x: [Ducks/Penguins] Penguins
:x: [Gay/Straight/Bi] Gay
:x: [Digital Camra/Webcam] Digital
:x: [Gay Marriage] I AM SO FOR THIS! We should be able to get married just like any one else. I always thought that marriage was based on love, and if it isn't it should be. So therefore, anyone you are in love with, you should be able to marry. Times change.
:x: [George W. Bush] I don't really know a lot about him but I know that he is against gay marriage so I hate him.
:x: [Bisexuality] I am for this since I am. I think it's reasonable to believe that you are attracted to men and women.. =)
:x: [Abortion] I am for this only because I think it should be a mother's decision whether or not she has to go through a pregnancy.
:x: [Government] I believe we need governemnt to set an example so that we can be strong and united
:x: [Porn] I am for this ;) lmao Porn is fine to me.. just sexual pleasure haha
:x: [Hookers] I am for this also only because I don't see a difference in this or pornography
:x: [Pimps] I guess if I am for prostitutes, I am for their "agencies" haha but I don't think they should beat them or anything
:x: [Piercings] I am for piercings and I love them.. I want my tongue pierced and eyebrow
:x: [Tattoos] I don't see a problem with them I just don't want one
:x: [Plastic Surgery] I guess you should be able to decide how you want to look with clothes or makeup, so why not surgery?
Do you...
:x: [Have peircings?] No
:x: [Have any Tattoos?] No
:x: [Want a tattoo? Why/Why not?] No.. I just don't like them. I would get one but they look like they hurt
:x: [Like fire?] YES! I love fire so much.
:x: [Like cartoons?] Yes
:x: [Like trift stores?] I haven't been to one
:x: [Like Avril Lavigne?] No... I just don't like the way she sings
:x: [Like pop stars why/why not?] I do.. I like pop so ya know?
:x: [Do you support local bands?] I support any music

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